Wine of the Week 11/27/18

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Thierry Delauney TYDY Sauvignon Blanc
Regularly $12.99/On sale for $10.96

This Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc impressed us by being exactly what we hoped it would be and a bit more. It has a classic profile of fresh, bright, citrusy fruit with hints of some riper, more tropical fruits as well. There is a softness to the mouth feel and it over delivers on elegance and complexity. Tydy is a wine than can move from cocktail hour to light meals and is priced for everyday drinking and parties.

The Delaunay property has passed from father to son for five generations. It is Thierry Delaunay who in 2004 took over the business from his father, Joel, after completing his oenological studies. The domaine is located in the communeof Pouillé in the heart of the Loire Valley, on the banks of the Cher River.

Thierry Delaunay’s 34 hectares of vineyards have a diversity of different soils, from clay and flint perruches soils that give a distinctive smoky minerality typical of the terroir, to an elegance and finesse from the finer, less stony bournais soils.

The Delaunay approach is to cultivate their vineyards with the greatest respect for the terroir of the region. Rigorous pruning in winter, ground cover of the parcels to suppress weeds, de-budding of vines in June, and careful canopy management in July all contribute to obtaining high quality grapes and the production of fruity, well-balanced wines.

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