White Wine of the Week June 12th - June 26th!

Our new wine of the week is
Purato Terre Siciliane IGP Catarratto/Pinot Grigio
Regularly $12.99/On sale for $9.96

We’ve been going through a bit of an obsessive phase with Sicilian wines lately. This tiny island makes some of the most complex, seductive wines on the market right now, but it’s also home to some delicious, distinctive wines at incredible values. Purato is a line of certified organic wines from Vittoria in southern Sicily. They make only a few wines, but each one is a perfect jewel of drinkability and freshness. Catarratto is a grape native to Sicily that has traditionally been used to make marsala, a sweet dessert wine. It’s increasingly being used to make table wines as part of Sicily’s wine renaissance, and blending it with pinot grigio is just another of those things the Sicilians have done that has turned out better than anyone could have imagined. Perfect with seafood, salads, antipasto, or as an aperitif.  Don’t let another hot, steamy day go by without this wine to ease the discomfort.

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