Wine the Week 8/21/15

Fatalone Spinomarino Bianco Greco 2016
Regularly $17.99/On sale for $11.96
We were offered a great price on this Puglian Greco and we snapped it up so we could pass it on to you!
This wine is bright and fresh with some floral notes and full of yellow fruits and mouth watering minerality. It is begging to be paired with your end of summer meals. Cheese boards, crab cakes and other shellfish, light cream sauces and salads. Yum! Also, what could be better than this: "We look at vines and wines like people and give them all the best we could desire for ourselves. We give them care through our daily attention and loving presence on the vineyards in respect of the utmost artisanal winemaking traditions. We provide a fresh and comfortable environment through the soundproofing of the premises and temperature control; tranquillity and harmony by applying music therapy in the cellar, a mix of classical music and sounds from nature to support the micro oxygenation and the activity of the living micro flora present in our natural wines. This mix is the key to our success." -Fatalone


Market Street