Wine of the Week 9/25/18

Joao Portugal Ramos Vila Santa Alejentao Red 2016
Regularly $9.99/On sale for $7.96
 João Ramos is one of the success stories of the modern Portuguese wine industry. In a relatively short time his eponymous winery has grown to one of the largest in the Alentejo. The Alentejo is where Portugal’s climate finally escapes the Atlantic influence, and the scenery changes to large, gently undulating plains that experience baking hot summers and cold winters. It is a region with the potential to make extrovert, ripe wines with a taste of the sun about them.

The winery gets its name from the title given in the 15th century to the members of the ancient Priest Congregation of St. John Evangelist, known simply as Loios. Loios monks have always had a deep connection to the history of Alentejo, especially to its wines. Thus, this wine has been named after them and is made from traditional grape varieties of the region, Aragonez, Trincadeira and others. This amazing bargain has an expressive, somewhat floral nose and is full bodied with ripe fruit and just enough, slightly grippy tannins to give it shape. Happy fall!

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