Wine of the Week 2/19/19

Tasca D'Almerita "Regaleali" Sicilia Bianco 2016 
Regularly $16.99 - ON SALE for $11.96

Located in the mountainous heart of Sicily, Tenuta Regaleali has been owned by the aristocratic Tasca d’Almerita family since 1837. While much of central Sicily is dry and arid, the area around this wine estate is lush and verdant, with scenic rolling hills. In addition to the vineyards, the estate contains a farm that produces most of the vegetables, fruits, wheat, olives, cheeses (there is a resident cheesemaker!), and meats needed to sustain both the winery, and the world-class culinary institute founded by the Marchesa Anna Tasca Lanza, sister to Count Lucio Tasca, the current owner.

This Bianco was the first wine produced by Count Tasca d’Almerita on the Regaleali estate, and is a blend of Inzolia (43%), Grecanico (24%), Catarratto (20%), and Chardonnay (13%). It’s one of our most refreshing wines, whether served with Italian cheese or by itself. This is a great deal on a Sicilian classic.

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