Wine of the Week 2/5/19

Domaine Zinck Pinot Blanc

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Domaine Zinck is run by Philippe and his wife, Pascale. Philippe is the product of many generations of vintners and winemakers; his father Paul founded the modern the Zinck Winery in 1964.  The estate now consists of 56 acres of vineyards that are being farmed organically, most of which are located in Eguisheim, one of the loveliest villages in Alsace. Sheltered by the Vosges mountains, the climate is semi-continental, quite sunny, temperate and dry.  Respect for the environment is part of the ethic of the Zinck family; the growth of natural grasses is encouraged in order to get the deepest root growth from the vines, and also to deal with extreme weather conditions.  Traditional hand-picking and sorting keeps bruising to a minimum before pressing.  The Zinck Pinot Blanc, one of Alsace’s classic varietals, comes from vines at least 25 years old, and sees at least a winter’s worth of lees contact in order to balance the racy acidity with silky, round fruit.  You could hardly find a better or more flexible food wine, but it’s delicious all on it’s own.

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