Beer of the Week! 3/05/19


Alewerks Thaw Amber Ale

Regularly $11.99/On sale for $9.96

American Amber Ale

Alewerks Thaw Amber Ale - small.jpg

On the whole, Ambers are not beers to inspire excitement. Don’t get us wrong, they’re nice enough, but they rarely shine. Well, the Alewerks Thaw Amber Ale from Williamsburg — Alewerks’ winter-into-spring seasonal — does a surprising thing for an amber ale, it stands out. There are no gimmicks, no special hops (that they’ll admit), no exotic ingredients. It just tastes good! An off-off-dry, medium-bodied ale, the Thaw tastes of toffee in the malt mixed in with lemon citrus notes from the hops all wrapped in tingly, piney hops. Yet another example of Alewerks’ understated brewing excellence.

Market Street