Beer of the Week! 5/14/19

Anchor California Lager

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American Golden Lager

Anchor California Lager - smaller.png

Coming out of San Francisco, this tasty brew is Anchor Brewing Company’s recreation of California’s very first lager, brewed by Boca Brewery up near Lake Tahoe in 1876. To make it extra legit, they’ve hopped it exclusively with the Cluster hop. Though little-used today, the Cluster was 19th-century CA’s premiere hop. Mild and herbaceous, it gently sidles up to Anchor’s 2-Row Pale malt creating a cool and refreshing brew. We can’t quite put our finger on why, but the mix produces such an “American” take on the classic Bavarian lager. Anchor’s love for this beer and its history really comes through. What about you? Don’t you deserve a little love?