Beer of the Week! 7/23/19

The Brewery Terreux Wit the Funk

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Sour Witbier

Bruery Wit the Funk.png

God bless California’s The Bruery and the other people who take the time to do things right. Where others would kettle sour* and create a tart wit, the Bruery goes old school! First, they set about making a witbier with coriander and orange peel (like you do) but then they ferment the wort with a combination of yeasts including our souring friend, Brettanomyces. Then it’s off to aging in French and US oak in their “Foeder Forest.” The result is a beer of beguiling complexity where the spicy / fruity wit notes swirl around with oak-softened sourness.

(*Full disclosure — there’s nothing “wrong” with kettle souring. It’s a fine thing.)