Wine of the Week 7/30/19

Boutinot Uva Non Grata, Gamay (2018)

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Boutinot France began as a tiny importer in 1980, specializing in French wines. Today, Boutinot has over 20 employees who take care of production across the whole of France, sourcing from small growers and their own vineyards.  

For centuries maligned, mistreated and misunderstood, Gamay was outlawed by Philip the Bold in 1395. Some vignerons rebelled, hiding forbidden Gamay vines amongst ‘noble’ Pinot Noir.  Hence the name which translates roughly to “the grape we are not grateful for!” We are at a loss to explain King Philip’s attitude, as Gamay is one of our favorite grapes: juicy and light enough to be enjoyed in the summer (it takes a slight chill like nobody’s business); savory enough to be a staple of autumnal festivities; and so generally flexible and food-friendly that it can function as a one-bottle wine list.  Gamay prefers granite soils and lots of sunshine. The wine is fermented with traditional “carbonic” maceration, where the weight of the berries in the top of the vat gently crushes those below them, and fermentation begins without exposure to air. This keeps the fruit forward and center where we like it. Another great summer quaffer that could easily still be enjoyed if the weather ever cools!

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