Beer of the Week! 8/20/19

Ommegang Saison Rosé

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Oak-aged Saison with Hibiscus Flowers and Grape Juice

Ommegang Saison-Rose-and-hibiscus-1024x703.jpg

American craft brewers use a lot of brewing techniques, but, though it’s an age-old practice, you don’t often hear about them blending beer. Enter Cooperstown, NY’s Brewery Ommegang. Their Saison Rosé is one part a saison with hibiscus flowers in the boil that is then co-fermented with Chardonnay grape juice in stainless steel and a second part a saison aged in oak barrels gaining a tannic tartness. Blended together, the two parts produce a beer of beautiful moments — tart moments, funky moments, sweet moments — all swimming around a base that’s like a light chocolate cherry — perfect to take the edge off a long, hot day.