Are You Curious About Our Curiosity Email List?

We hope that you are already receiving our weekly emails that give you an update on the regular events and weekly specials here at the shop. If you don’t get these emails you can sign up HERE. We do our best to pack them full of interesting information.

In addition to our weekly email, we have a special list for the curious among you. Our “Curiosity Email” is meant for those of you who are on the look out to buy new, interesting, special, highly allocated, and curiosity wines. We only send curiosity emails when we have something REALLY good to tell you, so they are very intermittent. We have also recently started holding “Curio Club” tastings for our curiosity customers as well. We announce these wines and events to the curiosity list FIRST and then they may make their way to social media or the weekly email, or not!

We are keeping an archive here of wines/events that have been announced via this list so you can get a sense of whether you are a curiosity kind of shopper. If you are, just ask us to add you!
We would love to let you know first about special bottles that are only fleetingly on the shelf.

Crivelli 4.jpeg
lanzarote 2.jpeg
Tempier 5.jpg
Matassa 6.jpg
Vino di Anna 7.jpg
Antiquum 8.jpg
Antiquum bottles 9.jpg
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Dufour 10.jpg
Tendu 11.jpg
Cambon Mags 12.jpg
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