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Private Tasting and Wine Class with Antiquum Farm!


Please join us for our first wine class here at Market Street Wine!

On November 8th we will be holding a private class with Antiquum Farm's Stephen Hagen. Stephen and his family practice closed loop farming to produce meticulous and beautiful wines in Oregon. We will learn about the origins and philosophy of Antiquum Farm through a fantastic line-up of wines. Stephen will guide us through the following:

“Daisy” Pinot Gris 2017: $26.99
“Aurosa” Romato Pinot Gris (skin contact/barrel fermented) 2017: $34.99
“Juel” Pinot Noir 2017:  $49.99
“Passiflora” Pinot Noir 2017:  $68.99
“Luxuria” Pinot Noir 2016: $89.99

The Details:
Private wine class and tasting with Antiquum Farm
Nov 8th at 7pm
Market Street Wine
Seating is limited. For reservations please email

"Some folks tell me I am crazy. I grow wine differently. They say my methods are slow, difficult, and simply too much work. I say, life is work. It’s a gift to have work you love.

Some do not see how the use of draft horses, grazing livestock and poultry in the vineyard, or infinite hours of meticulous hand labor can create a wine that is more unique, intense and full of life. I don’t understand how it couldn’t.

I often say my wines are made cluster by cluster.  Growing wine one cluster at a time is a mentality, and a different one at that. It means starting small and staying small. It means countless hours of work that can only be done by hand. Going slower.  It means that many times a season I personally  touch, inspect, admire and yes, love every single beautiful cluster. It means rigid culling without regard to my pocketbook.

This attention to detail is inspired by love for my life’s work. I am not a landowner overseeing the operations of a vineyard. I am the operations and a part of Antiquum Farm." -Stephen Hagen

Antiquum plowing square.jpg

“…I have never encountered an Oregon Pinot Noir quite like the Antiquum Juel. It has a beautiful dark crimson color, one through which I most definitely cannot read my tasting notes. That old Burgundy reference about the iron fist in the velvet glove? That glove is probably the same color as the Juel.  Aromatically, the Juel takes no prisoners. … There’s even a nice little bit of lavender floating around in the background. The aromatics of this wine don’t ask you to like them, they command you to sit up and pay attention.”
— Storyteller Wine Company