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No Wednesday Night Beer Tasting

  • Market Street Wine 311 East Market Street Charlottesville, VA, 22902 United States (map)

Twelve Reasons Why We Won't Be Have a Beer Tasting This Week

  1. Last week's tasting was so killer, Dasher's still drinking those beers!

  2. Dancer refuses to go out on a sunny day in the low 50s.

  3. We can't talk our beer guy and Prancer out of their intention to start Christmas with a Star Wars marathon. They should be just through The Clone Wars animated series by Wednesday night.

  4. Vixen made karaoke plans without checking with anyone. She says it's a hard date. She can't break it.

  5. On that night, Comet will be the keynote speaker at Buffalo, NY's Comet-Con.

  6. Cupid sat on his glasses, and his new pair won't be in by then.

  7. Donner is working on his petition to the court to change his name back to "Dunder." (Damn you Ellis Island!)

  8. Blitzen's mom, after all these years, refuses to accept that her daughter is just heavier than before having the kids and so she sends Blitzen clothes that are always too small and laced with passive aggression. It takes Blitzen days to return them all.

  9. Due to a childhood of bullying, Rudolph is still very sensitive to people's opinions -- and beer tasting, red nose, you get it. Poor guy can't even bring himself to walk on the same street that a bar is on.

  10. The elves have worked into their union contract after last year's strike a strict 364 day work year.

  11. The 26th is the Clauses' annual "date night," and ever since they got Netflix streaming at the Pole, they just want to stay in. Mrs. Clause hasn't seen Season Two of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel yet, and Santa's just discovered The Good Place.

  12. This coming Wednesday is the day after Christmas, and we figured everyone would be busy post-Christmasing. See you next week! Happy Holidays!

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