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Friday Night Wine Tasting!

This Friday we will be joined by Jean-Paul Sanchez from Robins Cellars who will be pouring wines from Kermit Lynch.

Domaine du Salvard Vin de Pays du Val de Loire Sauvignon Blanc “Unique”:
"Domaine du Salvard has been a working domaine since 1898, through five hardworking generations of the Delaille family. Brothers Emmanuel and Thierry Delaille have focused their attention on growing fresh, lively Sauvignon Blanc, deeply rooted in the sand, clay, and limestone plains of northeastern Touraine. The Delaille brothers have also emphasized the use of sustainable farming practices, producing clean, carefully nurtured fruit."

Domaine Dupeuble Beaujolais Rosé:
"The Domaine Dupeuble has been running almost continuously since 1512. Tradition runs deep in the Dupeuble family, but each generation has also managed to add something new. Strong advocates of the lutte raisonnée approach to farming, they tend their vines without the use of any chemical or synthetic fertilizers. The grapes are harvested manually and vinified completely without SO2. The wines are not chaptalized, filtered, or degassed and only natural yeasts are used for the fermentation. The wines of Dupeuble represent some of the best values in the Beaujolais today and are widely regarded for their very high quality and eminently reasonable price."

Marcel Lapierre Raisins Gaulois Vin de France:
"Marcel Lapierre is known for being among the small group of vignerons who took up the torch of the Natural Wine movement in the 1970s. These rebels called for a return to the old practices of viticulture and vinification: starting with old vines, never using synthetic herbicides or pesticides, harvesting late, rigorously sorting to remove all but the healthiest grapes, adding minimal doses of sulfur dioxide or none at all, and disdaining chaptalization. Sadly, the end of the 2010 vintage was Marcel’s last. He passed away at the end of the harvest—a poetic farewell for a man that forever changed our perception of Beaujolais. His son Mathieu and daughter Camille confidently continue the great work that their father pioneered, now introducing biodynamic vineyard practices and ensuring that Marcel's legacy lives on."

Château Fontanès Vin de Pays d’Oc Rouge “Les Traverses de Fontanès”
Cyriaque Rozier started his Château Fontanès in 2003. The land Rozier farms is hard as rock, quite literally, and composed primarily of limestone and clay. To plant a vineyard here is a game of patience and incredibly hard work. In addition, he has taken to farming biodynamically in favor of producing organic grapes in a rich, healthy soil. Raw Languedoc terroir and spicy garrigue abound in these wines, with rich, juicy fruit and silky tannins."