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First Beer Tasting of the Year!!

Two Reasons for having a Twofer Tasting

1. You know that experience when you taste a beer and you really, really like that beer, but it's a new brewery for you, and you're like, "Well, that was good. I should try more from that brewery," but then you think that just because you liked one beer from a brewery, it doesn't mean you won't like others. But you've only had that one beer from that one place, and you're kind of scared to try it. because, there was that one time when you broke up with your significant other, and then you started dating their sibling, 'cause you were like, "Well, I liked one, I should like the other," but everyone thought it was really weird, and it kind of creeped you out how much you creeped them out even though the practice was common, like, hundreds of years ago, but try to explain that to people! So in the end, you figured it's best not to deal with it at all (even though you really kind of liked the sibling), but of course -- now that you think about it -- your past dating life has nothing to do with beer, at least not in the direct, analogous way that you're figuring now. You know that experience? Well, now you don't have to worry about all that, because we've got a tasting where you can taste two different beers from the same brewery.

2. They're good!

Beers to be Tasted

Maine A Tiny Beautiful Something

Maine Woods & Waters

Ardent Dark Rye

Ardent IPA X

Reaver Beach Reaving Rainbow

Reaver Beach Hoptopus

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