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Wednesday Night Mead Tasting: Meads!

  • Market Street Wine 311 East Market Street Charlottesville, VA, 22902 United States (map)

Five Reasons to Do a Mead Tasting

  1. We've all heard about vikings and ancient heroes quaffing meads, but few of us have tasted them (the meads, not the vikings and ancient heroes).

  2. Modern mead is different from what Beowulf chugged before and after gunning down Grendel or from what Odin obtained from Gunnlod.

  3. Mead isn't having a moment, yet, but one is brewing as more and more people are finding their way to making this nectar of the bees.

  4. Speaking of bees, mead is fermented honey. Who doesn't like honey?

  5. Mead tastes good!

Meads to be Tasted

  • Oliver Camelot Mead

  • Saga Sunburst Citrus

  • Brotherhood Sheba T'ej Mead

  • Skjald Undorn

  • Dansk Mjød G.L. Dansk

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