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Wednesday Night Beer Tasting: Hop Heavy Beers

  • Market Street Wine 311 East Market Street Charlottesville, VA, 22902 United States (map)

Five Reasons to Do a Hop Heavy Tasting

  1. We've doubled and tripled down on juicy IPAs. And we like them, don't get us wrong. This is not a repudiation. We're just saying we've put in the time. We've walked the walk. No one should doubt our dedication to a balanced hop presentation ...

  2. ... but sometimes you've got to get a little metal. Sometimes you've got to dip into the hardcore. The world is messed up, and sometimes you've got to get a little un-balanced.

  3. We know there are people out there who still feel their hearts race when they hear names like "Simcoe," "Amarillo," "Chinook," and "Centennial."

  4. "Dank" shouldn't be a sound that only comes out of your mouth when your nose is stuffed up and you're expressing your appreciation.

  5. They're good!! (Dank you. Dank you very much. [Sniff!] )

Beers to be Tasted

  • Collective Arts Surround Sound

  • Alewerks Secret Admirer

  • Breckenridge 472 Small Batch IPA

  • Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet

  • Lagunitas The Waldos' Special Ale

  • Strangeways Wampus Cat Triple IPA