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Wednesday Night Beer Tasting: Meads Are for Summer!

  • Market Street Wine 311 East Market Street Charlottesville United States (map)

Five Reasons to do a “Meads Are for Summer” Tasting

  1. Too few people know about mead. Anything we can do to introduce them to it is a good thing.

  2. Mead is a fermented honey drink. What's more summery than using the honey that beers have made after pollinating like fools throughout the spring?

  3. A mead tasting allows us to drone on with terrible bee puns. :D

  4. Most people who do know about mead picture vikings quaffing heated mugs of the stuff during cold, Scandinavian winters. They don't know that meads can be light, refreshing drinks that can help you ward off summer's burn.

  5. They're good!

Meads to be Tasted

  • Blacksnake Summer Lea

  • Skjald Dagmál

  • Brotherhood Sheba T'ej

  • Oliver Camelot Mead

  • Blacksnake Sweet Virginia