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Wednesday Night Beer Tasting: Sour Beers -- Lacto vs. Brett

  • Market Street Wine 311 East Market Street Charlottesville United States (map)

Five Reasons to Do a Lacto vs. Brett Tasting

  1. Sour beers are a thing. They have been, and, for some of us, they still are. But here's another thing ... people throw around the term "sour beer" to mean different things, which kind of makes sense since a few different things can happen to make a beer a sour thing.

  2. Thing One -- a beer can be soured through the inoculation of lactobacillus or pediococcus bacteria at a few points in the mashing or fermentation processes. (Here we're usually talking your Goses, your Berlinerweisses, your general kettle soured beers.)

  3. Thing Two -- a beer can be soured through fermentation with the Brettanomyces strain of yeast. Frequently this form of souring involves aging in wood barrels (or foeders) to manage the level of sour.

  4. Cat in the Hat -- you can do a mix of both, 'cause, of course, there are no rules in American craft brewing other than "make your beer consistent and good ... or, at least, interesting."

  5. So, here's the thing ... all ways are good, but conflating them is problematic since the tart of Lacto is different than the funk of Brett. So, what better way to get a handle on that difference than with a tasting? (Answer: No better way!)

Beers to be Tasted

  • Lacto Beers

    • Starr Hill The Lizzy

    • Dogfish Head SeaQuench

  • Brett Beers

    • Victory Sour Monkey

    • 2nd Shift Katy

  • Both

    • Collective Arts Jam Up the Mash

    • Reaver Beach Reaving Rainbow