Beer of the Week 12/18/18

AmericanBeauty_bottleshot copy.png

Dogfish Head American Beauty
Regularly $13.99/On sale for $11.96
Imperial American Pale Ale

When Delaware’s Dogfish Head Brewing Company set out to make a beer honoring the Grateful Dead, they did a really cool thing — they crowd sourced it. They asked Dead fans which special ingredient they wanted in the beer. The number one (legal) ingredient that they suggested was organic granola — a staple of parking lot meals before and after sets. That’s how we get the American Beauty, an Imperial American Pale Ale made with organic granola — a genius add as the honey and oat and almond flavors all swirl around with the malt and all-American hops. How good this beer tastes just sneaks up on you like “Space” coming out of “Drums.”  

Market Street