Wine of the Week 12/18/18


Centatiempo 'Gran Tifeo’  Rosso IGT 2017
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We fell in love with this red from the beautiful island of Ischia immediately. Made from 100% biodynamically farmed and hand harvested Alianico and fermented and aged entirely in cement, it is full of black cherry, leather and spice.

Viniculture is an activity at the very heart of Ischian life and dates back to ancient times when the island was discovered by the Greek civilization known as “The Euboeans” in around 700BC. Ischia was later colonized by the Romans who named the island “Enaria”, meaning “Land of Wine”, and the Island has been perfecting the art ever since with its fantastic wines.

The mild Mediterranean climate, the volcanic soil, the tufa stone and the sea breeze have always favoured the production of high quality wines in Ischia, which has led to them being exported throughout the world, representing one of the Island’s most important economic resources since ancient times. Ischia has its own indigenous and high-quality grapes and the vineyards can be found mostly around the hilly & mountainous areas such as on the slopes of Mount Epomeo with its steep terraces that gradually narrow as they reach the sea. This wine is an absolute pleasure. Enjoy!

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