Beer of the Week 12/26/18


Boulevard Jam Band Berry Ale
Regularly $13.99/On sale for $11.96
Fruit Ale

We know what you’re thinking. When you hear that this beer is an ale with raspberries, blueberry, and cherry, you’re thinking, “Oh, no.” Yeah, we know what you’re thinking. But, wait. This beer isn’t made by Smucker’s. It’s made by Boulevard in Kansas City, MO. Smucker’s knows jam. Boulevard knows beer. Specifically, they know how to throw all that fruit onto a mild malt base and come out with a smooth, fun, medium-bodied slightly sweet but mostly tart ale. That’s right. At its heart, this is a tart ale with a strong berry flavor. Once you try it, we’ll no longer know what you’ll be thinking, but we might know what you’ll be drinking.

Market Street