Wine of the Week 12/26/18


Dibon Cava Brut Rosé
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Addictively quaffable bone-dry rosato sparkling wine from the winery that invented Cava!

In the late 1800’s, Miquel Tetas would travel all night to Barcelona with two 500 liter barrels strapped to horse and cart, selling his wines to a clientele who revered them for their finesse and freshness. His son, Josep Maria Tetas, observed how some of his young wines spontaneously gave off small quantities of carbon dioxide - bubbles just like French petillant or Italian frizzante wines. He began to investigate how to ferment his grapes in order to keep this effervescence in his wines. Reynal, the first sparkling wine ever made in Spain was the result of his research. Bodegas Pinord (Pine of the North) was born!  Several generations of the Tetas family still work together to make both still and world-class Cava, including their Dibon line.

The Pinord Dibon Brut Rosé is made from 100% Garnacha, organically grown on limestone soil, and harvested with much lower yields than the laws allow. The slightly wetter weather in the valleys means that there is no need for irrigation. Fermentation and maceration of the grapes using native yeasts lasts for more than three weeks to achieve the deep color. The wine is minimally fined with a vegan-friendly process, and the Traditional (Champagne) Method is followed, aging on lees for 12-18 months for extra body. This wine was one of the first we featured when we re-opened the store, and it seemed like a fitting way to finish the year, hopefully lifting a glass of this affordable, pleasurable, and beautiful liquid with you, our esteemed friends, neighbors and customers!
With great appreciation, 
Siân, Thadd, and Clinton

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