Wine of the Week 2/13/19


Due to the vagaries of wine distribution, this week’s Wine of the Week will not arrive until Wednesday!

Kellerei/Cantina St. Pauls “Missianer” Schiava 2015

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This Wine of the Week is a multi-cultural affair.  Beneath the double- (or triple!) identity, however, is unapologetic deliciousness.

The region is called Süd-Tirol.  It’s also called Alto Adige.  The winery (Kellerei or Cantina) is on a lake called Kaltern and also Caldaro.  

The grape?  Take your pick from “Schiava,” “Vernatsch,” or even “Trollinger.”  All this taxonomic confusion comes from the fact that, from the 9th century until its annexation by Italy in 1919, the region was part of Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Whatever you call it, the grape has a lengthy history in the region, with the first historical mention in the 13th century. Its popularity and durability is due in no small part to its supreme drinkability.  

Winemaking in the region is ancient, with archeological clues of vineyards from the pre-historic Raeti tribes; thorough cultivation by the Romans; and a tradition kept alive by monasteries throughout the Middle Ages.  The St. Pauls Cooperative Winery was founded in 1907, and continues to this day.

The sustainably-farmed old vines that produce this Schiava are protected by the Alps and benefit from 1800 hours of sunshine a year, with very warm days and cool nights - ideal conditions for excellent quality, complex wines

The winery is solar-powered, and utilizes gravity transfer for the entire winemaking process, which saves energy as well as being gentler on the grapes.

The result is a bright, velvety wine that can be enjoyed on its own, but will also hold up to a hearty Germanic meal! 

Regularly $15.99 - On Sale through February 26th for $12.96

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