Beer of the Week! 2/12/19


Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale
American Strong Ale
Regularly $10.99/On sale for $9.96

Petaluma, CA’s Lagunitas Brewing Co. may be the chief of turning adversity into beer. From a tragically funny 2005 combination of law enforcement zealotry and rare judicial restraint comes one of the best stories in beer and one of the best beers — The Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale. Regarding style, the beer is as hard to pin down as a smart suspect who's lawyered up. It's hoppy, but not enough to get called out in an IPA line up. With a clear hop conscience guiding a mild malt personality, this beer fearlessly presents its bitterness but doesn’t knock your palate on the head and steal its purse, as it were. Also, the beer’s 9.6% ABV kick is a little strong for an IPA. Whatever its style, we'd rather have it in front of a bar than behind bars.

Market Street