Wine of the Week 4/02/19

Quinta da Raza Vinho Verde 2018
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Vinho Verde is NOT a description of particularly delicious, light-bodied, slightly effervescent white wine, but rather a wine region in North-western Portugal that produces red wines, rosés, and even brandies.  The white wines do dominate exports of Vinho Verde, however, and for a very good reason.  There is almost nothing more refreshing on a sunny day than this spritzy treat.  While “Vinho Verde” literally translates as “green wine,” the sense is in fact “young wine,” and most of the region’s production is designed to be enjoyed early, rather than aged.  The Teixeira Coelho family, owners of Quinta Da Raza, have been making wines on their estate since the 17th century, and the current winemaker, José Diogo Teixeira Coelho, has been working the vineyards since he was seventeen.  The property gets more sun than almost anywhere else in the region, allowing for a ripeness and consistency that make the wines highly respected. The Quinta Da Raza Vinho Verde Branco (white) is 50% Aristo, 35% Azal, 15% Trajadura, and 110% delicious.  Fill your fridge.

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