Beer of the Week! 4/09/19

Starr Hill Roxanne-Raspberry - small.png

Starr Hill Roxanne
Regularly $10.99 / On sale for $9.96
Raspberry Sour Ale

It used to be that sour beers were lip-puckering, palate-pounding tart bombs that only die-hard beer geeks and Belgians who grew up drinking them could love. Now, today we see what was once an oxymoron, the easy-drinking sour. Case in point — Starr Hill’s Roxanne. Part of its new “Sour Series,” Roxanne is a kettle soured wheat ale, very light on the hops and light on the lactobacillus tartness. This restraint allows the ever-so-slightly sweet fruit of the raspberry puree to come through. And the ease continues with a sessionable 4.7% ABV. Roxanne — Want a sour? You don’t have to put on the Brett light. (Yeah, we did that.)