Beer of the Week! 4/16/19

Commonwealth Diaphanous
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Saison Style Ale

Commonwealth Diaphanous - small.jpg

2019 saw the sixth year that Allagash Brewing Company celebrated their self-declared “Saison Day.” Among the half dozen breweries who joined them this year was Virginia Beach’s own Commonwealth Brewing Co. In fact, Commonwealth brewed this lovely, smooth Saison just for the occasion. The Diaphanous is creamy, off-dry, and ever-so-lightly bittered with Ella, Comet, and Hallertau Blanc hops. There’s also something else making it dance a little on the tongue, something in the malt maybe, wheat? Spelt? Whatever it is that they’ve done, this saison is flat-out delicious, yet another reason why Commonwealth is one of our favorite VA craft breweries.