Wine of the Week 4/16/19

Alcesti Famiglia e Cantina Zibibbo 2017
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The Zibibbo, also knowns as Muscat of Alexandria, is a member of the Muscat varietal family thought to originate in Egypt, and long widely planted in the Mediterranean basin.   It is considered an "ancient vine", and wine experts believe it is one of the oldest genetically unmodified vines still in existence. In Sicily, the Zibibbo is mostly used to produce “passiti”, dessert wines, and its most famous expression is the Passito di Pantelleria from the Pantelleria island, but it is also found and made as still white wines that still retain the dizzying Muscat aromatics.  

Alcesti is a family-owned and operated winery located on 30 hectares of land that lie between Marsala, Mazara and Salemi, with altitudes ranging from 100 to 280 meters.  Gianfranco Palladino, along with his sister, wife, mother and father, proudly share in the operation of this winery. Their Zibibbo (we really like saying Zibibbo) is hand harvested from organically farmed vines, vinified cleanly (and vegan!) in stainless steel, and is one of our most refreshingly aromatic wines.  Spring in a bottle. Get some for your fridge!

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