Beer of the Week! 6/25/19

Basic City Ebb IPA

Regularly $11.99 / On sale for $9.96

American New England Style IPA

Waynesboro’s Basic City has been killing it, KILLING IT, with their double IPAs. They’ve really taken us by storm, especially those in the New England (“Juicy”) style. For those people who can’t find themselves behind 16oz of 7.6% ABV goodness, Basic City has your glass. The Ebb IPA is basically “Baby Bask.” It’s still unfiltered, still juicy, but it drops one of Bask’s three hops to ride just on Mosaic and Citra, and it’s just above “session beer” level at 5% ABV. You still get the tropical notes from the Mosaic hops, but standing right next to them are the Cirta hops with their signature citrus sting — proof that less can be just enough!

Market Street